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Career Development Daily News Fix: Thursday Mar 26 (Posted: 26/03/2020)

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Career Development Education / COVID-19

Today's News Feed is not focused on information & opportunities, but rather to provide information on a range of issues that have emerged as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic we are all living through, from a Career Development Education perspective.
  1. How is the Sirius College Career Development Department responding to the current situation? Like the rest of Sirius College, we are preparing to have a range of online-based resources & opportunities ready to go, should the closure of schools in Victoria become an extended one. We - and therefore you - are very fortunate that a range of career development resources are already available for you via our website,, and we will be utilising this website in new ways should this shutdown continue into the foreseeable future.
  2. Can students contact Mr. Scott, Ms. Yucel, Mr. Mithat and/or Ms. Whitworth? Absolutely! Like the rest of Sirius College, we will all have the flexibility to interact with you via SEQTA direqt messages, and vice-versa. You can also eMail, but it would be best via SEQTA given all teachers will also be using it. We are also in the process of having embedded into your SEQTA Learn/Engage pages as a portal page, making accessing our website even easier. Furthermore, like at school where you have the opportunity to talk to any of us 1-on-1 or in groups, 1-on-1 & group opportunities through the college's preferred video platform (Zoom) will also be made available - more information will come soon on this.
  3. "What can I do right now to work on my career ambitions?" is your starting point - both the public information available, as well as inside your Student Secure Area, which all students from Yr9 up have access to - if you have not ever accessed it before, / password1234 is what you need to login for the first time. If you can't, let any of the Sirius College Career Development Department staff know & we can reset your details. On the public side of the website, we will be regularly updating the Tertiary Education Guides page as 2021 information is provided, so keep an eye on this page (under 'Post School Options') especially if you're in Yrs 10-12.
  4. What is the Sirius College Career Development Department planning on providing, should there be an extended shutdown? We are currently working on a range of options which you will be able to access via when ready, such as what has already been spoken about - more information will come soon. We will also be looking to connect you to tertiary education providers (ie. unis, TAFEs etc.) who will also be offering online-based opportunities (eg. virtual experience days, course video counselling, information sessions etc.) - many have already informed us that they are working on these opportunities right now.
  5. "I'm in Year 12 - will this affect my ATAR?" Right now, we don't have the answer to that, simply because no one has the answer to this. VTAC are currently in conversations with all tertiary providers that use the ATAR as part of selection, working through a range of options that can be implemented to support Year 12 students - when we know, you'll know. Rest assured though, WE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU every step of this journey, no matter what happens over the next few weeks/months. WE WILL SUPPORT YOU in every way we can, to ensure that you can make as successful a transition to post-school life as you possibly can - this is our job! Together, we will get you through this.
In the weeks & months to come assuming the pandemic gets worse before it gets better, we're all going to need to do things differently in order to ensure we continue to grow as individuals. Working from home will not be easy for some for one reason or another - if motivation is one such reason, a easy-to-read article from Year13 has been produced on this (3min read), which you can access by clicking here.

During the upcoming holidays and possibly beyond, please remember that you are the strongest weapon in fighting COVID-19:
  1. This is not a normal school holiday. Remain home as much as you can - avoid going out from your home unless you absolutely need to #flattenthecurve
  2. If you do need to step out, please ensure you practise social distancing - remain a minimum of 1.5m away from anyone as much as possible. Sanitise your hands where possible.
  3. Follow all directives that both the Australian & Victorian Governments will be putting into place.
  4. Practice strict but simple-to-follow hygiene - follow these steps from the Victorian Government.
  5. Base your decisions & choices only on reputable sources, such as the Australian Government Department of Health and the Victorian Government Department of Health & Human Services.


Career Development Daily News Fix: Friday March 20 (Posted: 20/03/2020)

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  1. Yrs 7-12: Keen to cook up a food science gig? Meet three experts smashing it in the field - People have always needed to eat, but with ever-evolving consumer behaviour, new tech developments and modern challenges like food security to face, the food and farming industry has been anything but static. Here, Careers with STEM chat to 3 individuals behind some of the industry’s most exciting STEM gigs. Click here to read more.

  2. Yrs 9-12: Job Outlook - With the rapidly evolving world of work as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the tragic circumstances of many people losing their jobs as a result of the changing labour market, it's even more important now than ever to know about what the forecasts are for what career options are expected to grow & what ones are expected to decline in the next few years. Job Outlook is your most accurate and most informative way to do this - learn about many hundreds of currently-existing career options, and whether they're expected to grow, decline or reamin at the same levels over the next 5 years. To access Job Outlook, click the link under Post School Options ('Job Information' option) on

  3. Yr12: VTAC/COVID-19 update - The following, send to all Career Development Professionals yesterday, is from VTAC in relations to COVID-19, and the implications on ATARs & tertiary education applications: "We understand that the impact of COVID-19 on schools and students is ongoing, and we are in discussion with tertiary institutions in relation to how this issue will affect the application process and SEAS. At this time we are not able to announce any specific updates, however these will be communicated as soon as we are able to do so." So, while there's no specific information yet (it's just too early to figure that!), rest assured that VTAC are already working on this - we will inform you when we hear from VTAC or any participating institutes.

  4. Yrs 9-12: Film & Television Courses in Victoria in 2020 - There are a number of institutions offering film and/or television courses in Victoria, and some of these courses are included below.  For a comprehensive list, including those offered by private colleges such as SAE, and LCI Melbourne, visit VTAC.  Note: For the most part, English or EAL is the only prerequisite VCE subject, and often entry into these courses involves submission of a folio and/or participation in an interview.  Students are encouraged to browse the provided links for exact details about each course:




    Deakin University

    Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation

    Acting for screen, Animation, Directing, Documentary and experimental filmmaking, Editing, Film, Film and Television production management, Film studies, Genre, International film study tour, Lighting and cinematography, Local and international industry internships, Media, Motion capture, Narrative, Photography, Producing, Production design, Project management, Quality Management, Screen production, Script writing and storyboarding, Sound recording and editing, Soundtrack design and mixing, Stop-motion animation, Television, Television studio production, Verbal communication.

    Footscray City Films / Footscray City College

    Film and Television Production 

    Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Event Management, Film History, Lighting Design, Make Up Design, Producing, Production Design, Production Management, Screenwriting, Sound Design, Sound Recording.


    Film and Television Production

    Broadcasting, Camera Operation, Camera and Lighting, Cinematography, Directing (Film), Directing (Television), Documentary Production, Film Audio, Film Composition, Film Editing, Filmmaking, Industry and Professional Development, International Cinema, Lighting Design, Mise en scene, Motion Graphics, Multi-cam Broadcasting, Music Videos, Popular Culture, Post Production, Producing (Film), Producing (Television), Screen History, Screen and Genre Studies, Screenwriting, Short Films, Sound Design, Sound Recording and Design, Television Broadcasting, Television Studio Production.


    Screen and Media (Film and Television Production)

    Cinema studies, Computer animation, Computing (audio-visual), Digital audio and video production, Digital media, Digital television production, Digital video, Digital video camera techniques, Directing (Television), Editing, Film, Film and media studies, Film and television, Film and television (production), Film and video, Lighting, Management, Media, Production lighting, Production planning, Production processes, Recording/mixing processes, Screen production, Screen studies, Screenwriting, Scriptwriting, Sound recording and production, Television and broadcasting, Television production, Video, Video technical direction.

    Swinburne University

    Bachelor of Film and Television (Honours)

    Cinematography and lighting, Digital post-production techniques, Documentary production, Film and television production, Genre and the moving image, Hollywood cinema, Motion graphics, Photography, Post-production and digital outcomes, Post-production and editing, Production management, Production techniques, Screen literacy and contemporary cinema, Scriptwriting and directing, Sound design and acquisition, The Australian Screen.

    Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media - Film and Television Stream

    Cinematography, Colour grading and post-production processes, Conceptualisation, Cultural research and interpretation, Directing, Editing, Lighting, Non-Linear editing, Production planning and management, Production processes, Scriptwriting and development, Sound recording and production.

    Bachelor of Screen Production

    Digital narratives, Digital video and audio, Experimental screen production, Global screen studies, Image making for narrative and storyboards, Introduction to digital imaging, Media and social impact, Production for digital platforms, Screen franchising and innovation, Sound design and acquisition.

    University of Melbourne

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television)

    Actor direction, Film projects, Screen studies, Screenwriting.

More opportunities are listed on the Calendar of Events

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Career Development Daily News Fix: Thursday Mar 19 (Posted: 19/03/2020)

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  • Yrs 9-12: Bachelor of Nutrition Science at ACU - Nutritionists help communicate nutrition science to the public and advise the community about food choices for healthy eating. Nutrition links very closely with the national health priorities in Australia such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease much of which are preventable through healthy lifestyle. ACU's 3-year Bachelor of Nutrition Science program focuses on general healthcare, chronic disease management, Indigenous health, and other emerging areas of need in the industry and is appealing to students interested in careers in nutrition including nutritionists in public and private industry, hospitals and public health sectors, e-health and tele-health, in nutrition communication, and in the food science and in the research and development sectors. Importantly, the program provides the basis for postgraduate studies in dietetics. Dietitians treat disease through diet and therefore require further studies and clinical practice in health settings. Find out more about this course by clicking here.

  • Yrs 10-12: Victoria Uni's 'Block Model' - Usually students’ study eight units a year, four each semester.  Traditionally, the timetable is structured so a student has a mix of all four units each week. Something like school - many subjects at 'once'. VU is the first university in Australia offering the Victoria University - Block Model. Each block focuses on one unit (subject) and is only four weeks long, with up to four days between blocks to relax and prepare for the next. In other words, with the Block Model, you get to study one subject every four weeks, with a few days in-between each block. So, students’ study and complete a unit at a time. By immersing oneself in one unit before moving on to the next is regarded as a more focused approach to learning and assessment, particularly for first-year university students. Learn more about the VU Block Model by clicking here.
  • Yrs 7-12: Which VET are you? Vocational Education & Training (VET) is a highly respected, sustainable & well paid option for your post-school life which you might not have considered, maybe because you don't know a lot about it? It's a way to employment quicker than via university, it's a way to uni which AVOIDS the ATAR (in some cases, in the exact same length of time, and cheaper!), and it's on the cutting edge of the world of work as it responds to what industry needs! Why wouldn't you consider it? To learn about which VET options might suit you, click here. The image below many of the options that VET supports, so if you have an interest in any of these, VET may be for you!

More opportunities are listed on the Calendar of Events

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Career Development Daily News Fix: Tuesday Mar 17 (Posted: 17/03/2020)


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During these uncertain times, your career deelopment journey - like your life generally - will be affected. Whilst the opportunities to immerse yourself to opportunities in person might slow down/stop, you can still support your own career development journey by immersing yourself in publically available information digitally. Certainly, the News Feed information will be focusing on this for the foreseeable future - life will go on after Covid-19, and you want to be ready to bounce back!

  • Yrs 9-12: Bachelor of Space Science at RMIT University - Do you want to be part of the new Space industry in Australia? Have you thought about human spaceflight, space tourism and even missions to Mars? The Bachelor of Space Science at RMIT University allows students to prepare for an exciting career in the growing space industry. In addition to space science and physics, students will study complementary courses in satellite remote sensing, mathematics, IT and data analytics, signal and systems engineering as well as spaceflight systems design. During their studies, students will have the opportunity to undertake a 12-week industry placement so they can immerse themselves in the world of space. These placements are run through Boeing, Geoplex and Nova Systems. Find out more about the Bachelor of Space Science by clicking here.

  • Yrs 9-12: Environment & Sustainability at Swinburne University - Preserving the earth begins with an understanding of the current landscape. The environment and sustainability courses offered at Swinburne are an exploration into what it means to champion and sustain the earth for future generations. Courses are deigned to provide foundational knowledge and practical skills through an emphasis on conservation, land management, horticulture, renewable energy and more.  An environment and sustainability course could lead to a future in floristry, horticulture, retail, writing, and beyond. Swinburne offers courses in Conservation and Land Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Sustainability, and Horticulture & Landscape. To learn more, click here.

            Key information:
              - To help students make informed decisions and provide transparency, the University of Sydney has published a list of required ATARs that guarantee entry into most courses.
              - There are numerous campuses from the inner city of Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef, with teachers, researchers and students based all over Australia - campuses.
              - The university has intl. partnerships with other universities and research institutes, as well as industry partners such as Microsoft, Rio Tinto, Qantas, and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).
              - There are many courses offered at the University of Sydney, from undergraduate to postgraduate.
              - There are scholarships available for domestic and international students at all levels.
              - Study abroad and student exchange opportunities are on offer with over 270 programs for students to consider.
              - There is a well-established Career Development Centre that offers numerous services and resources to help students identify their career options and achieve their career goals.
              - Regarding accommodation for interstate students, there is a variety of on-campus and off-campus options available to students.
              - There are over 200 university clubs and societies, so something for everyone.

 More opportunities are listed on the Calendar of Events

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Career Development Daily News Fix: Monday Mar 16 (Posted: 16/03/2020)

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  1. 15yrs+: Work Experience cancellation - In line with Sirius College's decision to cancel all excursions due to the Covid-19 pandemic until July 31 at th earliest, all Work Experience placements will be cancelled up to the same date. This is not a decision we take lightly, but your health & safety is our number one priority, and it should be yours as well. Your campus Career Development Practitioner will in in contact with all affected students and all host employers. Applications are still being accepted for opportunities beyond this date, however they will be subject to the Covid-19 response policies of Sirius College, and will also be cancelled if required.

  2. Yrs 9-12: What type of engineering are you best suited to? If you know that a future in Engineering is what you're dreaming of, but not 100% what area yet (e.g., Civil, Mechanical, Environmental) RMIT University has developed an online game to assist in choosing the right type of engineering. Do you prefer bridges or engines? Who has more fun – a civil engineer or an aerospace engineer? Find a dynamic career in engineering. Play this RMIT-flavoured game to find the right course for you. To play, click here.

  3. Yrs 9-12: Health and Medical Sciences at The Uni of Melbourne - At The University of Melbourne, medical study requires students to obtain an undergraduate qualification, upon completion they are able to select a graduate specialisation. The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) has developed a ‘Graduate Programs in Health’ guide to help prospective students understand their undergraduate to graduate study options. To access this guide, click here.

  4. Yrs 9-12: William Angliss - Interested in event management, tourism, travel, hospitality, or cookery? How about flight operations, patisserie, baking, meat processing, food studies, culinary management, or hotel management? Not sure where a career in these study areas can take you? William Angliss is a specialist institute in Melbourne offering vocational and higher education courses. You can book a 1:1 appointment with a course adviser by filling out an online form by clicking here.

More opportunities are listed on the Calendar of Events

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Career Development Daily News Fix: Thursday Mar 12 (Posted: 12/03/2020)

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  1. Yrs 9-12: Inside Monash - Get the inside story on what it's really like to study at Monash. Over the course of the coming months, you'll have the opportunity to hear from current students, past students, and academics from all ten faculties. You'll find out about course information, entry schemes, scholarships, accommodation and so much more! Seminars run from March through to August. You can register for our March and April sessions now; May-August seminars will be released at a later date. For more information & to register, click here.

  2. Yr12: UCAT registration NOW OPEN - Students looking to undertake UCAT for courses in 2021 requiring this assessment, can now enrol to participate. You are strongly recommended to register and sit your test at your earliest convenience to ensure places are available at your nearest test centre. Each year there are candidates who book a late test and encounter problems when they fall ill or experience other issues preventing them from taking that testing slot. Registration closes May 11. For more information & to register, click here; to see the courses requiring UCAT for entry (only Monash direct entry to Medicine for Victorian school students), click here.

  3. Yr10: A Day at Melbourne - A Day at Melbourne will give you a taste of what your University of Melbourne future could look like. Designed specifically for Year 10 students, the program includes workshops, lectures and interactive sessions that will challenge your thinking and encourage you to explore new areas of thought. You'll also have the chance to chat with Uni of Melb staff about courses and study options, and tour the beautiful Parkville campus or their student accommodation options. Registrion for this event on Saturday April 4 is now open! For more information & to register, click here.

  4. Yrs 9-12: ACN Nursing & Health Expo - The ACN Nursing & Health Expo Melbourne (also on Saturday April 4!) is the perfect place to discover your career in the nursing and health professions. The ACN Nursing & Health Expo has a strong reputation for connecting visitors with a range of organisations including hospitals, health care services, educational institutions and specialty nursing groups. There are a wealth of products and services on show and visitors gain practical take-home advice and skills in a series of complimentary educational seminars. If you are considering a career in the nursing or health professions, then the Expo is for you. For more information, click here.

More opportunities are listed on the Calendar of Events

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Career Development Daily News Fix: Tuesday Mar 10 (Posted: 10/03/2020)

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  • Yrs 9-12: What can you do with a physics degree? Sold on a Bachelor of Science, but not sure what to major in? Here are four cool and unexpected jobs a Bachelor of Science (Physics) could lead to. If you’re thinking about enrolling in a Bachelor of Science, there are loads of reasons why majoring in physics is a good idea. And despite the maths-meets-science elective often overlooked for those with clearer post-grad pathways, there are loads of industries crying out for a physics major’s advanced maths, analytics, problem-solving and computational skills. to read more, click here.

  • Yrs 9-12: Experience Angliss Days - Experience Angliss on April 9 will be a great day for students that are interested in a world of foods! Students will learn from our experts and have the opportunity to experience cookery, patisserie and food science demo workshops. To register your attendance, click here.

  • Yrs 7-12: Werribee Zoo Keeper for a Day - Discover what it’s like to work at Werribee Open Range Zoo! Keeper for a Day is a school holiday program designed for secondary school students who are interested in caring for wildlife and working at the zoo. Heading behind the scenes, you will get a hands-on experience of what it’s like to work as a zoo keeper as you take part in the daily duties, such as animal enrichment and exhibit maintenance. See the zoo's animals up-close, head on a special safari tour across the Savannah, and speak with the zoo keepers about their jobs and experience. Three sessions are running during the upcoming holidays: Tuesday 31 March, Wednesday 1 April & Friday 3 April. To register for any of these (only 20 per session allowed, so you must act quick!), click here.

  • Yrs 9-12: Human Resources Courses in Victoria in 2020 - Human Resources Officers provide administration services for the recruitment and employment of staff. In small organisations, Human Resources Officers are usually responsible for all staffing matters. In large organisations they may specialise in a particular area such as recruitment, wages and entitlements or staff training. Personal requirements of a Human Resources Officer –
      - Good planning, organisational, analytical, and decision-making skills
      - Good oral and written communication skills
      - Tactful and discrete when dealing with people and confidential information
        *Good Universities Guide - Human Resources Officer
    Training to become a Human Resources Officer can take place at TAFE or university.  Below are some of the courses offered in Victoria.  Often human resource majors are offered in business and commerce courses at TAFE and university.  For a comprehensive list of all courses offering studies in human resources, including double-degree options, visit VTAC:

Federation University Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, Professional Experience.
Holmesglen Institute Diploma of Human Resources Management Emotional Intelligence, Employment law, Human resource management, Occupational health and safety, Performance management, Project Work, Recruitment and selection, Workforce planning.
Kangan Institute Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management Accounting, Budgeting, Business planning, Change management, Customer Service, Employee relations, Employment Law, Finance, Human resource management, Human resources (performance management), Industrial relations, Leadership and Management, Organisational Change, Project Management, Recruitment and Selection, Strategic management, Strategic planning.
La Trobe University Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) Business, Human Resource Management.
RMIT University Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) Business, Employment Relations, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, International Business, International Human Resources, Management.
Swinburne University Diploma of Human Resources Management Human resource services, Human resources, Industrial relations, Managing projects, Mediation processes, Organisational change, Workforce planning.
Victoria University Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) Accounting, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Event Management, Financial Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, International Hospitality Management, International Tourism Management, International Trade, Management and Innovation, Marketing, Music Industry, Supply Chain and Logistics.

More opportunities are listed on the Calendar of Events

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Career Development Daily News Fix: Friday Mar 6 (Posted: 06/03/2020)

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  • Yrs 9-12: Deakin University 'Step on Campus' - Step on Campus gives you and your family an opportunity to take a 45min personalised tour of the campus. You can check out the state-of-the-art facilities, get in-depth information about courses of interest, and find out how to make the best transition into university. There will also be plenty of opportunities throughout the tour to ask questions. Registration is now open for various dates in April at all Deakin University campuses. For more information & to register, click here.

  • Yrs 10-12: La Trobe University 'Experience Clever' - Experience Clever on Friday April 3 gives Year students the chance to experience La Trobe Uni for a day. Not only will you get to see the campus, but also get to take part in fun and dynamic workshops led by real lecturers.  You will choose from over 50 workshops in a broad range of study areas. From there, you will experience real classroom environments and interact with university staff and students. There will be campus and accommodation tours, free catering, prizes and entertainment. You are encouraged to register early before sessions fill up. For more information & to register, click here.

  • Yrs 7-12: Monash University Engineering tours - If you would like to take a closer look at Monash Engineering, book in for one of Monash Uni's school holiday tours. You'll see the fantastic facilities and student spaces, get a feel for campus life and be able to chat with current students. If you need additional course advice, they can help you with that as well. Tours will commence with a brief overview of Monash’s Engineering courses, followed by a guided walk around the facilities. To register for either March 30 or April 6, click here.

  • Yrs 9-12: Fashion, Textiles, & Visual Merchandising Courses in Victoria in 2020 - Numerous Victorian universities and TAFE institutions offer courses in fashion, fashion & textiles, and visual merchandising. Entry into many of these courses does require a folio presentation. Some of these courses are listed below, but for a comprehensive list of courses at all institutions including Private Providers, and their specific entry requirements, please visit VTAC:           

Box Hill Institute Bachelor of Fashion CAD, Design Principles and Elements, Design Process, Digital Marketing, Fashion Futures, Fashion Illustration, Garment Construction, Managing Production Flow, Marketing, Patternmaking.
Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising Business planning, Consumer behaviour, Fashion Merchandising, Product development, Retail buying, Social media marketing, Supply chain management, Textiles and garment construction, Visual merchandising, Web design and application, Workplace internship.
Diploma of Visual Merchandising CAD, Concept development, achieve targets, colour, design displays, design history, develop style guides, drawing, photo shoots, signage, space and product planning, styling of visual components, workplace health & safety.
Holmesglen Institute Bachelor of Fashion Design Design innovation, Manufacturing and pre-production, Pattern engineering, Professional Practice.
Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising Colour Theory, Computer Aided Design Tools, Design Studio Concepts, Garment Construction, Networking with Industry, Pattern Development, Product Sourcing.
Kangan Institute Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising Cost estimation, Design influences and concepts (textiles), Fabric and fibre technology, Fashion trend analysis, International trade, Management, Marketing research, Marketing strategy, Merchandising, Networking, Online brand management, Production Planning, Purchasing, Quality control, Risk analysis and management, Sales and marketing, Strategic marketing, Supply chain management, Textile product knowledge.
RMIT University Bachelor of Fashion Design Fashion communication, Fashion design, Fashion design industry techniques, Fashion design practice, Fashion materials, Fashion presentation, Fashion production, Fashion studies, Fashion sustainability.
Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology Computer-aided design (CAD), Computer-aided pattern making, Fashion design, Garment construction, Pattern making, Specifications, Supply chain management.
Diploma of Fashion Styling Business practices for fashion stylists, Events for editorial purposes, Events for media/advertising, Fashion styling as it applies to personal styling, Fashion trend analysis.
Bachelor of Fashion & Textiles (Sustainable Innovation) Digital technology, Fashion technology, Fashion wearables, Materials innovation, Smart textiles, Sustainability, Sustainable fashion and textiles, User centred design.
Associate Degree in Fashion and Textiles Merchandising Computer-aided design (CAD), Distribution and logistics, Fashion branding, Fashion marketing, Fashion materials, Global impacts, Global marketing, Industry research, Merchandise planning and management, Merchandising mathematics, Product development (TCF).
Adv. Diploma in Textile Design, Development and Production Computer-aided design (CAD), Design and production (Textiles), Drawing, Experimental textiles, Fibres and fabrics, Machine knitting, Marketing, Screen printing, Textile design and application of colour theory, Textile design influences, Textile design specifications, Weaving.
Bachelor of Fashion Enterprise Fashion buying, Fashion eCommerce, Fashion logistics, Fashion marketing, Fashion merchandising, Fashion product management, Fashion retailing.
Diploma of Visual Merchandising Colour, Computer-aided drawing (CADD), Design (3D), Digital imaging, Display principles, Event planning and styling, Illustration, Merchandise presentation, Photo styling, Photography, Technical drawing, Visual merchandising.
Swinburne University Diploma of Visual Merchandising 2D and 3D design, Design and design theory, Digital art and design, History of design, Photo styling, Product presentation, Retail and visual merchandising, Retail illustration and design, Store design.

More opportunities are listed on the Calendar of Events

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Career Development Daily News Fix: Thursday Mar 5 (Posted: 05/03/2020)

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  • Yrs 8-12: RSPCA Animal Attendant for a Day - Is looking after animals, all day, everyday your idea of an ideal job? For an Animal Attendant it is! Come along on Tuesday April 7, and find out why they love their job so much and how a career as an Animal Attendant might be perfect for you! This day is a great introduction to working with animals and will give you an insight into what may be involved if you choose to do further study to gain a qualification in the animal care industry. At the time of typing, there are only 13 places left! To register (cost involved), click here.

  • Yrs 7-12: Centre for Multicultural Youth Initiate Youth Conference - A youth-led gathering that brings together young people from across the state to network and explore leadership and active citizenship, Initiate will showcase how Victorian young people are living by the Victorian Value Statement of ‘it’s up to all of us to contribute to a Victoria we can be proud of’. The Initiate Youth Conference will include: A powerful line-up of young keynote speakers, performances and displays from emerging young Victorian artists, a showcase of youth-led projects from around Victoria that have made a positive impact in the community, youth-led interactive workshops, panels and conversations to stimulate bold ideas, networking opportunities. To register for this event on Wednesday April 1, click here.

  • Yrs 7-12: Learn about careers using VR - Learn about careers in hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and creative industries through viewing 360-degree VR workplaces developed by SkillsRoad. You will able to jump inside the world of work and experience a day in the life of workers within the above industries. There is no need for a VR headset to access the experience, but if you happen to have an Oculus headset on hand, you can download an app on the Oculus app store by searching for ‘Skillsroad Virtual Workplace’. To use, click here.

  • Yrs 9-12: Passionate about sport? Not sure if you would like to go straight to university after school? Enjoy playing sport and would like to combine your sports career with study in 2020? The following are three programs you may like to explore - and you don't need to be an AFL fan to undertake these!!!
      - Richmond Institute of Sport Leadership: This is a partnership program between Richmond AFL Club and Swinburne University. As part of the 12-month program, students will study a Diploma of Sports Development. Campuses are at Richmond, Mildura and Albury-Wodonga. Students at the Richmond campus will also study a Diploma of Leadership and Management. For information, to book for an open day, and to apply, click here.
      - Carlton College of Sport: This is a partnership program between Carlton AFL Club and La Trobe University. As part of the 12-month program, students will study a University diploma in Sports Coaching and Development or Elite Sports Business. Classes will be held at Ikon Park, Carlton AFL Club grounds and La Trobe University, Bundoora. For information, to book for an open day, and to apply, click here.
      - St Kilda Football Club/Holmesglen Institute: Students will study a dual Diploma of Sports Development and Diploma of Events Management through Holmesglen Institute, and study at both Holmesglen and St Kilda AFL Club. For information and to apply, click here.


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